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If you are interested in or have questions about a pup out of an upcoming litter, contact me

E-mail will get the fastest response, as we are rarely in places that get good enough reception to hold a conversation.


Please also make sure that michel@miravizslas.com is on your approved e-mail list before sending inquiries.

click here to print and fill out the Buyer Questionnaire to send with your reservation deposit.

Scroll down towards the end of the page to read all that we do with our pups before they go home and to read answers to many FAQ

picture of mira vizslas puppies


2019 Pups



We're doing a breeding for late summer 2020. Contact me with your name, location, and if you're looking for a male or female, and a brief bit about yourself. I am doing very limited breeding again in 2020, so reserve early! Text me at 715-563-1459 or   Email me about placing a deposit on these or future 2020-2022 puppies.



I breed at various times throughout the year, but don't have control over exact timing and don't always have pups available. When I have a litter, I go through the list of deposits and offer first right of refusal in the order deposits are received. I do a combination of placing puppies and narrowing down your options to appropriate matches if there is more than one match. Keep scrolling down to read what we include. As I cannot control how many puppies are in a litter or how many of which sex, if you only want a specific gender, there may be a bit longer of a wait than if you're open to the temperament match vs gender only plus temperament match.


After you have decided you're getting a puppy from one of our litters, click here to print and fill out the Buyer Questionnaire to send with your reservation deposit for my litter. (Pups are not considered reserved until we receive a deposit) You can either pay the deposit by mailing a personal check or money order, or use paypal to michel@miravizslas.com or Venmo to @MichelBernerMiraVz .

The $250 deposit is non-refundable, but is transferrable for up to 18-months from time I tell you tht you have a puppy born. Total purchase price includes training DVDs, AKC registration, and microchip registration in your name. If you choose to place a deposit via paypal or venmo, please email the Buyer Questionnaire!


***WE DO NOT SHIP PUPPIES CARGO*** We prefer that people come here to pick up the puppy in person, but we have a few alternative Puppy Nanny Options:

1. I may provide Puppy Nanny Service for an additional fee. Puppy Nanny fees cover my airfare out of MSP to a large airport near your location that I can get a direct flight from Minneapolis, $250 airline fee for the puppy as a carry-on, fuel expenses for my 4-hours of interstate driving to get to/from Minneapolis, and any other travel expenses. Typically, this is around $1200-1800, depending. The puppy is never out of my hands for the entire trip and is hand-delivered to you at the airport upon my arrival. (contact me for a rough estimate if interested, I don't provide a hard quote until the flight needs to be booked)

mira vizslas puppy with teddy bear.2. I can meet you at MSP airport with the puppy, and you can get an immediate return flight. The fee for this service is $150 to cover my mileage, fuel, parking, etc. The puppy travels in a secure crate in my climate controled vehicle and is never left unattended.

3. I can meet you at a predetermined mutually agreeable location within 250 miles of zip code 54741 to greatly reduce your travel time. The fee for this service is $350 to cover time, fuel, mileage, and other travel expenses. The puppy travels in a secure crate in my climate controled vehicle and is never left unattended.

4. Of course, the traditional and preferred method, of you driving here (zip 54741) or flying in to Minneapolis (MSP) renting a car, driving 2 hours here to pick up the puppy, and then reversing the trip is always available!


Download the list of what you need to bring your puppy home

This is the whistle I use when feeding the pups (click here)


I highly recommend the purchase of an Impact brand crate. They are the safest, most durable, best built crates on the market, in my opinion. I know professional handlers that use them, and have been in horrible accidents at high speeds, and the dogs in their care have come away unharmed. They can be used in the house and the vehicles. Adult Vizslas will fit best in a 300 or 400 size stationary crate.



If you have a deposit on one of my litters, you are welcome to visit the puppies and come play with them as many times as you want. We just need to mutually agreeable day and time you are coming so I can arrange my schedule to accommodate your visit!

If you do not have a deposit on a puppy, visits may be scheduled several weeks in advance, and I will try to accomodate you. There are no guarantees that I will be able to do so, though, due to our travel schedule to various competitions, which require our time not only the weekends, but Friday and Monday, as well. I require all visitors complete the "Buyer Questionnaire" so that I have all contact information prior to visiting.


fall 2012 pups.RULES FOR VISITS: (I am sorry I even need to list these, but, yeah, these things have happened more than once)

Dog Visitors are guests in my home, and are allowed as much access as any other guest. I would not dare to come into your home and start opening cupboards, closed doors, storage sheds, or garages, or even think to wander around your property unescorted, so please do not do it in mine.

I adjust my schedule to accomodate your visit, and will often schedule multiple visits on one day in order to have minimal schedule disruptions for both me and the dogs. Please keep that in mind, and plan your travel accordingly. If you are going to be more than 15 minutes early, please stop and enjoy a cup of coffee and slice of award-winning pie at Osseo's Norske Nook. If you will be more than 20 minutes late, please show us the courtesy of calling or e-mailing.

We love to have well-mannered kids visit with the puppies! This is great for them all to experience, but if I feel things are getting too rough, or if puppies are getting overwhelmed, I will remove the puppies from the kids. This is done to prevent both physical and mental trauma for the puppies.

To save us both time, I have included answers to the most common questions I receive. I treat every litter the same, with the same considerations.

Payments accepted:
• Deposits from all buyers can be drawn from personal check or submitted through PayPal or Venmo
• We do not accept checks for final payment of puppy balance, regardless of location.

I have a couple of litters a year. Sometimes there are litters sired by my males with other breeders.

Vizslas are the only dogs I breed, and I have invested my entire adult life to maintaining the integrity of the breed. A large portion of my time is devoted to various Vizsla-related activities nationwide.

All of my dogs should produce structurally sound and healthy dogs with good temperaments, that are highly trainable and excellent hunters. Keeping the hunting instincts intact is my primary interest, as the Vizsla is a dog in the Sporting Group. Although I do show some of my dogs, they are primarily hunting dogs. I will not breed a dog with an unsound temperament or below average hunting skills.

I have done my best to make sure that your puppy will be free of serious (life-threatening) genetic defects and guarantee against such until the third birthday.

I guarantee the puppies to their third birthday against hip dysplasia.

You are required to have your puppy examined by a veterinarian within 48 hours of time of transfer.

Usually there are a couple of puppies that could be possible matches, and in that case, the buyers with the same interests will pick in the order that deposits are received. A $250 deposit is required to reserve a puppy. The deposit is non-refundable. In the event that I do not have a puppy, you can move to the next litter.

Because I cannot control exactly when puppies are born, the time the litter would normally be going home might conflict with vacations or other events you have already planned. I have no problem with keeping the puppy for an additional few days. Time extending beyond a couple of days can be arranged at $15 per day.

If the timing of the litter going home falls over a holiday, the puppy can stay here until after the holiday is over for no additional fee as long as it does not exceed 7 days. I would rather care for the puppy an extra week than have it go home and learn bad habits because the new family is so busy with other activities.

I will gladly keep puppies for further training (housebreaking, beginning obedience, etc.) but Baby Bird Dawgs training rates & agreements will apply.

You may name the dog anything you wish. Pick a name that has meaning for you. I will register the puppy to you, and register the microchip to you at the same time. Because I cannot register anyone's puppy until I have all of the information to submit at one time, I do require that you get the desired name to me no later than one week after the puppy goes home.

I do not require anyone to compete with their puppy. This is a huge commitment in both time and money that should not be forced upon anyone. However, if you decide to compete, I will offer whatever guidance I can, and may direct you towards qualified field trainers in your region to help you and your puppy become the best team you can be.

I expect all homes to be "pet homes" first and foremost. It does not matter if you plan to show, field trial, hunt or just get a buddy. I want my puppies in good and loving homes. If you decide to compete, that is a plus for me, but stating that you will compete changes the "type" of puppy you will need to have. To truly succeed in the show ring or in field trials, you need a very specific type of dog, with a specific type of personality, so saying you want to show when you have no interest in it might lead to a wrong match.

Our puppies are raised in our small home and will have the following :

  • Both parents are O.F.A. certified free of hip dysplasia.
  • Parents all have DNA profiles.
  • Bitches eat a high-quality food for good puppy development.
  • Whelping is never done alone. The entire birth process is supervised by me personally, and happens in my tiny livng room. The puppies are raised in clean conditions in our tiny home. During weeks 4-6, we utilize a Precision Puppy Pen with raised floor during the night to help teach the puppies bowel/bladder control, but prevent them from walking in feces. After 6 weeks, they are introduced to the crate and given outdoor access through a puppy door in our kitchen, though they will still sleep together as a group.
  • Tails are docked and dewclaws are removed on day two or three. Because we can't tell this early which puppy would be a potential match for someone, this is non-negotiable. If you are adamant about having an entire tail and both dewclaws left on, I suggest you import a puppy from Europe.
  • Early neurological stimulation begins on day three.
  • When weaned, the pups eat a high quality food.
  • They get their first puppy shots (DHPPv) and microchips implanted at 6-7 weeks.
  • They are socialized with other dogs, cats, and people.
  • They are given many different types of toys to play with.
  • They are put in ID collars at 3-4 weeks, so are accustomed to wearing collars when they go home.
  • They eat and play on various surfaces (carpet, grass, gravel, concrete, snow in the winter).
  • They are guaranteed in writing to be free of hip dysplasia.
  • The pups see my vet for a "well puppy" check before they go to their new homes.
  • Pups are sent home with a comprehensive "puppy packet" including articles about training, hunting, housebreaking, suggested reading list, Wanda Berner's "Random Thoughts on Puppy Raising", copies of parents' pedigrees and OFA numbers, list of shots given, and our very simple bill of sale. In an effort to reduce out carbon footprint, most of this information will be given on DVDs now, with only a few pages of hard copy material. If printed, the DVD contains well over 300 pages of educational articles!
  • Also included in the purchase price is their puppy collar, a sample of food (enough to get through the first day or two), a larger piece of a blanket and a toy that the litter has been playing with so it smells like home. All of this should help make the transition easier.
  • Puppies are sent home with a clicker and several training DVDs as well. I believe that puppies thrive in a positive-based training environment, and the DVDs I send home with you will teach you how to clicker train your puppy.
  • The articles, audio books, and training DVDs were chosen specifically because they work for all puppies over the age of 8 weeks.

I am a member in the Vizsla Club of Illinois (past Editor, past Secretary; past Webmaster, former Director, former Membership Chair); Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club (secretary of a few events) ; National Vizsla Association (former editor, webmaster, and current lifetime member); Vizsla Club of America (former Breed Historian, secretary for 2007 National Gun Dog Championship, current Top Ten Field Trials and Top Field Producers reporter, designer of several national event catalogs). I am also a lifetime member of Pheasants Forever. I have belonged to several other regional field clubs, gun clubs, and kennel clubs over the years as well.






Contact Mira Vizslas:

Ms. Michel Berner

(715) 563-1459 between 9:00 am - 8:00 pm CST


E-mail contact preferred for initial contact




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