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Busy Paws Are Happy Paws


It's been said that dogs have the same language capacity as a three or four year old human. Vizslas are very intelligent and need to be mentally stimulated as well as physically stimulated in order to be a good family member. A lot of the games, activities, and toys listed below will teach your dog to learn and give you a closer bond with your dog. Remember that busy paws are happy paws, and a tired Vizsla is a well behaved Vizsla.


Rubber Chicken Ruby
Ruby Bleu Bayou, owned by Jonathan Peck, a daughter of DC AFC Maximum Strider

Vizsla Appropriate Toys:

Recommended interactive books, games, videos:

  • Fun And Games With Dogs
    Author: Roy Hunter
  • More Fun And Games With Dogs
    Author: Roy Hunter
  • My Dog Can Do That! (board game)
    Terry Ryan and Dr. Ian Dunbar
  • Take A Bow Wow! (video)
    Broitman & Lippman
  • Dog Tricks -- Step-by-Step (book)
    Authors: Zeigenfuse & Walker
  • Dog Tricks Authors: Arthur J. Haggerty & Carol Lea Benjamin
  • How To Teach An Old Dog New Tricks (book)
    Author: Ted Baer
  • Take A Bow Wow! (video)
  • You Can Teach Your Dog Tricks, And Have Fun Too!
    Nancy Winton

Activities With Your Dog:

  •  Dog Play has a comprehensive list and description of activities to keep those paws busy!

Exercises to burn off the endless Vizsla energy: 

    • Agility         
    • Biking* (with dog) 
    • Bubble Catching 
    • Cleaning Up The Room 
    • Fetch (a ball, toy or piece of hose) 
    • Flyball 
    • Flying Disc/Frisbee 
    • Go Find! 
    • Hide 'n' Seek 
    • Hiking (with your dog) 
    • Hunting
    • Jogging (with your dog) 
    • Play Dates (with other friendly dogs)
    • Running (with your dog) 
    • Swimming   

Tricks To Teach Your Vizsla:

  •   A great book is Dog Tricks for Dummies
    • Aah-Choo! (Bring the Kleenex) 
    • Answer The Telephone 
    • Balance & Catch The Biscuit 
    • Bang! (Play Dead)
    • Bring The Dirty Clothes
    • Bring the Leash
    • Bring Your Dish 
    • Carry A Basket 
    • Crawl 
    • Dance 
    • Find The Keys 
    • Get The Remote Control 
    • Give Me High Five 
    • Hold A Flag 
    • Hold A Sign 
    • Jump Through A Hoop 
    • Jump Through (Or Into) Your Arms 
    • Jump Over Another Dog
    • Jump Over an Obstacle 
    • Look Away 
    • Open The Door 
    • Open The Drawer 
    • Open The Refrigerator & Get A Soda 
    • Paw/Shake/Slap Me Five 
    • Paw Over Eye 
    • Pick The Flower 
    • Pose For The Camera 
    • Push A Stroller Or Cart 
    • Putting Away The Toys 
    • Roll Over 
    • Shake Off The Water 
    • Sit Up Pretty 
    • Sneeze 
    • Stand Up Against The Wall 
    • Take A Bow 
    • The Shell Game 
    • Touch Any Object With Dog's Nose   ("targeting") 
    • Turn On/Off The Light





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